Sony’s PS5 Price, First Look Leaked

A lot is being talked about PlayStation 5 or PS5 and even the smallest leaked information is making the news. While Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has already confirmed that it will be launched in 2020, some leaked information claims that it would be available for purchase only in December 2020. Sony has tried to keep details about the hotly anticipated console under wrap. But some reports claim that the price of the PS5 has also been leaked. This time the information has been inadvertently leaked by a European retailer. The website which shared the detail is the same that reported that Sony will receive semi-custom chips for the console from AMD. Coming back to the price of PS5, it would be around USD 150, as claimed by leaked information.

The leaked images show that the console would have a ‘V’ shape design, in reference to that fact that will Sony’s fifth PlayStation console. The V-shaped design is very eye catchy with the front panel have the button array and large cooling vents on the side of the device. It is obvious that the PS5 devkit picture leaking online is not a final product of the company but it is being claimed that the image which got leaked was sent to the company’s founder, Daniel Rotar.

Talking about the specification of PS5, Sony has already confirmed that the next-gen console will have a new DualShock with haptic feedback. Some reports suggest that it can support transparent cameras and might even be wireless. The console will be powered by an eight-core Ryzen processor of AMD’s third-generation along with custom GPU based on the AMD Radeon Navi line. It will have SSD storage with the promise of fast load times, oodles of graphics grunt and large bandwidth capabilities. The latest console will reportedly support 8K video, at least to some extent. Just like PS4 and PS4 Pro, PS5 will be HDR-enabled but we can expect to see a more advanced version, such as HDR10+ and Dolby Vision.