About Us

World Herald is the brainchild of some people who want to report authentic news content with the maximum possible accuracy. We had to go through a bunch of hurdles to get what we now are — such as finding quite an active team, listing out the trustworthy sources and molding a writing style of our own. At this point, World Herald is the entire place for listening to the latest updates from categories like Technology, Business, Health, Science, Global Affairs and beyond. Our policy is to make sure that our readers do not miss the significant happening, even if it means intervening areas of news.

The real strength behind World Herald is the team itself. Our team is made up of some experts from across a bunch of fields such as business analytics, technology enthusiasts, professional journalists and of course the active internet users. Because of this, World Herald can create news content that the ordinary user will not want to miss while crawling through the Internet. It also means that the World Herald team can develop a piece of news content without compromising either readability or the quality of writing. As users who read World Herald on a regular basis, you don’t have to worry about authenticity.

We also believe that hard facts do not make a news report worth reading. On the other hand, it should throw light to areas that are not thought by the ordinary reader. So, World Herald has devised a presentation style that prioritizes fact before anything but includes good comments by the experts from the field. The idea is that a user should have a proper background idea about the particular happening. Last but not least, we always make sure that our sources are worth counting on, instead of choosing a random article from the world of the Internet.