Study Says Statins Or Blood Pressure Pills Are Not Substitute For Healthy Habits

A Study has warned people who are at risk of coronary heart disease. It has said that taking Statins or blood pressure pills should not be the reason to put healthy habits aside. The researchers have found out that many people who are on medication to prevent heart diseases often let their heart-healthy habits slide away. The study has included around 40000 participants. It has revealed that Statins and other heart medications are 82 percent likely to pile on pounds. This can render the medicines, which are prescribed to avoid life-threatening mishaps like a heart attack or stroke. As per the data, nearly 6 million people in Britain are dependent on cholesterol-busting Statins and 1 million are on medication for high blood pressure. The new study has been put together by the University of Turku in Finland. The author of the study has said that healthy living needs to be followed religiously in order to make medications achieve their aim.

Lead author of the study, Dr. Marrit Korhonen has said that Statins and other heart medicines should not be considered as a free pass to lead an unhealthy lifestyle. Statins aim to reduce the bad cholesterol and one in every 50 patients who takes this medicine for five years can avoid a heart attack or stroke. However, the authors of the study do not buy the claim completely. They have said these medications have worrying side effects as well like diabetes, muscle pain, and liver damage. Experts have said that blood pressure pills like ACE inhibitors have been linked to an increased risk of lung cancer as well, according to a recent study.

In the new research by Marrit Korhonen, around 40000 public sector workers have been analyzed who have never been diagnosed with heart disease or stroke. The data of their BMI, lifestyle, and physical activity have been collected every four years from 2000 to 2013 through a questionnaire. The pharmacy data of these participants have been used to determine whether they have started any blood pressure medicines or Statins or not. People who have been prescribed either of the two medicines have been 8 percent more likely to become physically inactive as compared to those who have not been on medication. Patients, who have been taking heart medicines, have been 82 percent more like to put on weight. The lead author has said that people who are starting with these medicines should be motivated to be physically active and make healthy lifestyle changes.