Sony Is Overclocking Its Factories to Produce More Smartphone Camera Sensors

Apart from the wide variety of electronic appliances that it makes, Sony is also behind camera sensors, which have become an important part of smartphones. Now, even as the holiday season is going on, employees at Sony’s factories are working extra time to produce more and more smartphone camera sensors, claims one report from Bloomberg. Although Sony has been working on other factories, they won’t be ready until 2021 and until then, the existing factories need to overclock their performance. The company has been seeing an increasing demand for the past couple of years.

Sony receives so much pressure because of the role the company plays in the market. Sony is the company that is supplying 51% of smartphone camera sensors that are required by the global industry, and the tech giant wants to increase it to 60% by 2025, which won’t be a difficult task. The important thing to note here is that the smartphone market has been almost idle, but the number of sensors used in almost every device is increasing. This has created a situation where the company has to double its production to meet even the existing demand.

In 2020, the demand for sensors is expected to increase even further. Flagship devices are now commonly equipped with three or four camera sensors, each offering a different capability. In addition to this, the likes of Apple are planning to include a Time of Flight sensor to its upcoming devices, the burden of producing which would be on Sony again. Its plan to start a new factory in Nagasaki, Japan is to battle this demand. At the time being, it all means that the employees cannot take rest and enjoy their holidays even if they want to.