Smartphones will evolve to understand user’s needs in coming future

In 2019, users spend more time on smartphones than on television. That means smartphone users are expecting more technological advancements in their smartphones. Moreover, customers are looking for budget smartphones with useful functionalities. This is creating a lot of pressure on smartphone manufacturers. The smartphone market is becoming more competitive and commoditized. Newcomers in the smartphone market are taking over shares of well-established companies. The majority of the new smartphone companies are Chinese. Today, the top five smartphone manufacturers worldwide are from China. Customers are not spending money on high-end smartphones due to much better budget smartphones.

As artificial intelligence is adding spice in almost every smart device, smartphones are not lagging. Moreover, smartphones will have advanced versions of software, services, and hardware. In the coming years, smartphones will use AI and IoT to create amazing experiences in an intelligent ecosystem. Also, smartphones will have features that could replace other smart devices. Customers only want to invest in devices that provide better features for less value. One’s customers set their minds on one manufacturer; it is hard for them to switch to others. Hence, customers are expecting a lot from manufacturers.

Now the technologies used in smartphones can track the activities of users based on the user’s location, behavior, and social information. Manufacturers are building devices that can learn user’s habits and can predict their demands. All this strategic aim is to provide better user experience and understand the user’s needs. Smartphones will know more about their owners than the owner themselves in the next three years. Smartphones will be able to track the emotional status of the users. AI and ML hold power to extract massive information from the user’s voice and facial expressions. Various sensors in the smartphone can study users. Hence, smartphones will become more empathic to understand its owner’s requirements in the coming future.