Research suggests exercise associated with better cognitive abilities

Over the last few years, it is being suggested that just running is not helpful to burn fats, but resistance training is also a vital aspect in this regard. A new study recently presented at 2019 ECNP congress Copenhagen states that for maintaining and improving cognitive abilities exercise is essential.

Substantial research has been conducted before which proves the association between exercise and its health benefits for improving mood, clearing the mind, etc. but no conclusive study was made until recently which showed that it is beneficial to brain functions. Group of scientist from Germany conducted the research and concluded that exercise helps in better brain functioning as well as its structure. As per findings of the study, the team believes that if physical fitness improved, it could enhance memory and give elevated problem-solving abilities. The study was published in Nature Research journal based on the study of more than 1200 MRI scans which were publicly accessible. Human Connectome Project was a volunteer program where people had undergone MRI scans so that their data could be used for research purpose. The average age of volunteer was about 30. The size of the database was huge which leaves no chance for any doubt about the result of the study. Generally for Magnetic Resonance Imaging scans, database of 30 scans is considered enough. The lead of the team was Dr Jonathan Repple from University Hospital Muenster from Germany.

A most notable finding of the study was, the young and healthy adults who could walk the farthest distance in stipulated time, scored highest on the cognitive tests. Also, fittest participants had the better structural integrity of white matter, which helps in improving speed as well as the quality of connecting with cerebral nerves. As fitness level of any person drops, cognitive abilities also reduce even in young population. The research further enhances importance of working out regularly. The team wants to continue further on this research and study whether exercising helps in improving brain health.