On Friday and Saturday Geminid meteor will shower

As reported by the American Meteor Society, the Geminid meteor shower is the most dependable and active display of 2019. This time, the shower will peak on December 13 and 14 in the evening, hoping for clear skies so people can see a beautiful green fireball show. Unfortunately, the shower will have competition from a full moon – but experts said that it would be worth check. Due to the moon, people can expect to see 20 meteors streaking in the sky per hour at a minimum speed of 60. This situation was the first time seen in December 1862. People can watch the shower on Friday and Saturday in the late-night hours or the early morning like 2 AM. The Geminid is famous for shooting stars; the number of meteors visible depending on the time and how dark meteors are. In the time of Early evening, meteors may be longer. After that, the meteors will present leave trails of smoke or quicker streaks which appear to shine.

For meteor shower, the asteroid Phaethon 3200 is responsible, which is unusual because cosmic snowballs of frozen gases create meteor showers with debris icy. Scientists have argued the Phaethon, which is very natural. Phaethon was founded in October 1983 and named as the son of Helios, because Phaethon approaches own sun. Phaethon orbits to the sun closer than other asteroids and orbits take 1.4 years to complete. Asteroid heats near about 1,300 degrees of Fahrenheit on its nearest approach to the sun, so it shed dusty debris.

These portions create the meteor shower when they jump 22 miles per second in the Earth’s atmosphere, vaporizing in the streaks known as shooting stars. People living in urban areas may want to go to the place where city lights will not disturb them. And if people are in an area which is unaffected by light pollution, people can see meteors, which will be visible after every 10 minutes from 10 p.m. until meteors drew. To see meteors, people must find an open area with a full view of the sky. And before watching at meteors, people have to adjust eyes about 20 to 30 minutes before for the darkness so meteors can easily spot.