New Fire TV Cube launched by Amazon’s is quicker to understanding user voice commands

Amazon announced a wide range of new products in Germany. The highlight of the launch event is the advent of the second-generation Fire TV Cube. This is the enthusiast-level unit in the family of Amazon’s Fire TV. Amazon has not sought to modify the outside of the box or number of ports that user can connect to it. It offers a sleek body with the new Hexa-core processor. This enabled Amazon to offer local voice control, as well as on-device processing. This has been combined with the far-field microphones. Also, it will help the system hear you in the busy rooms. Moreover, Amazon claims that extra processing power and speed. i.e., this Fire TV Cube is more than four times faster than the previous edition.

With the reference of picture quality, the original Fire TV Cube supported HDR and Dolby Vision. Furthermore, this new model also has HDR10+. Besides, the user gets HDMI CEC to operate all of home entertainment devices, as well as Amazon, promises that made it faster than other companies. In the demo at Amazon’s noisy event, Fire TV Cube was fast, though it was a tussle to pick up voice when the user spoke at normal volume. However, what was obvious was processing speed, without lag user would expect from these voice-controlled systems. This cube is also equipped with the speaker, so that user can use it to check whether or news, play audio games, and others, even without switching on the TV.

Other features offered by new Fire TV Cube include cloud-based protocols, multi-directional infrared technology, and HDMI CEC. Thus, user can use cube to control the whole host of the compatible smart home devices through soundbars and AV receivers to cable boxes and satellite. Fire TV Cube is now available to pre-order from today with an Ethernet adapter and an infrared extender cable for shipping in October for US$ 119.99 in the U.S., the UK for £109.99, and Canada US$ 149.99.