iOS 13.2 Released With 398 New Emojis Including Gender-Neutral People

Apple has officially released iOS 13.2 and iPadOS 13.2 to the public after a month of beta testing. With the availability of iOS 13.2, Apple has also introduced 398 new emoji designs. Several of the new designs were announced by the tech giant in July, including modifications to form more gender-neutral emojis. Of the 398 new emojis, 230 are from Emoji 12.0 and the other 168 are from Emoji 12.1 respectively. With this, Apple has become the first vendor to implement the recommendations of Emoji 12.1 in less than a month since it was released. The new emojis also feature people of different genders and skin tones holding hands. This was accomplished by asking users to construct different combinations.

Of the 398 new emoji designs, 337 are new zero-width-joiner (ZWJ) sequences and the remaining 61 are for newly designated codepoints that were added to Unicode 12 way back in March. Along with a large number of new emojis, iOS 13.2 provides several updates of previously-available designs. Out of total 265 designs that have been modified, 255 have been changed for presenting people in a more gender-neutral fashion. iOS 13.2 features a total of 457 new gender-neutral emoji designs including the gender-neutral designs introduced in Emoji 12.0 and Emoji 12.1. These updates in iOS 13.2 come after recent changes by JoyPixels and Google and make it more consistent with how Unicode Consortium defines person-focused emojis that don’t specifically cite a gender.

Apart from new emojis, iOS 13.2 includes new Deep Fusion camera technology. This update is extremely good for iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro users as this technology works in the background to improve image quality. IOS 13.2 also allows users to opt in or opt out of sharing your Siri interactions with Apple. You can choose these when a new splash screen appears after the first time you boot into iOS 13.2. Most importantly, iOS 13.2 support for the just-announced AirPods Pro. This includes setting for Active Noise Cancellation modes and Transparency.