Instagram Launches New Messaging App for Close Friends named “Threads”

Instagram was working on the new messaging feature for the main app. Today, they’ve launched the new messaging app named “Threads,” which is made for close friends. The ultimate chatting app for friends will allow you to access tons of Instagram features while chatting with friends. It’s been a long-time since Instagram was working on the new feature named “Threads.” As the app is now live for iOS and Android users, it will have a ton of exciting features. The app comes with the “Auto-Status” feature, which will share all your day-to-day activities with close friends.

The Instagram Direct Messaging allows the users to communicate with their followers and share the stories and posts with them. It is made to communicate with everyone who is on the platform, be it your follower or the one you follow. The Threads app is a bit different from Direct Messaging on Instagram. With the Threads app, the users can contact only close friends. The selected small circle of friends and followers on Instagram is what Threads is all about. According to the official statement from Instagram, Threads is the new and dedicated way to communicate with a small group of friends.

Before using the Threads app, you have to create a small group of friends to communicate with. Once that is done, you can start using the app. It is nothing but the messaging app with all of the essential features. But if you want to share dedicated stories, status, and messages with the small group of people instead of all your followers, it is the best option. Just like the Private groups on WhatsApp, the Threads will work with a small group of your friends and followers. Even though the Threads is a separate app, you will still be able to see and send messages to your close friends via Instagram Direct Messaging section.