In Pixel 4, the ambitious tech investments of Google finally come to the fore

In July, Google released its own “leak” in a steady stream of leaks linked to its forthcoming Pixel 4 phone. He searches giant shared a woman’s 22-second YouTube video, raising her hands in the air to monitor the machine a few inches away. A blog post preceded the video promoting the radar technology developed by Google since 2015.

The announcement was not necessarily shocking since tech giants usually keep marquee gadgets like state secrets. It was also noteworthy because the latest technology marks a major step for Google: eventually, One of its groundbreaking in-house technology is introduced a massive consumer market. And it’s coming out on one of the most critical tools in Google — a mobile, a computer that’s as omnipresent as it comes. On Tuesday, at a splashy event in New York City, Google will formally introduce the Pixel 4 and its next generation of consumer devices. The updated versions of the Home Mini smart speaker and Wi-Fi router are among the planned new phones. Pixel phones from Google are by no means market leaders. According to IDC, Samsung, Huawei, and Apple are the most popular phone manufacturers in the world. Google’s phone doesn’t even crack the top five. Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat said earlier this year on an earnings call that Pixel revenues had plummeted due to “recent smartphone market pressures, For mobile sticker shock consumers paying more than $1,000. With the launch of the Pixel 3A package, announced in May, sales have since rebounded.

The success of telephone manufacturers also has a difficult side effect. Most expensive devices are so well-made that people hold on to them for longer, and it becomes more difficult to convince them of a compelling reason to upgrade each year. Google can use its hard-core engineering skills to try to gain an edge, says Technalysis Research’s chief analyst, Bob O’Donnell. We’re in a world where phones are so unbelievably identical, “said O’Donnell.” You need to stand out from something