Google’s s medical data breach case in United State

A whistleblower working on the Nightingale project secretly transferred the personal medical data of up to 50 million Americans from one of the largest health care providers in the United States to Google. The anonymous whistleblower has posted a video on the various social media platform in US. Which contains hundreds of document dumps of confidential document images related to the Nightingale program. The secret plan was first reported by The Wall Street Journal. The data was transmitted in full personal details, including name and medical history, and accessible to Google employees. The process of deleting personal information is called unauthentication and is not made anonymous.

The outgoing documents include a highly confidential outline of the Nightingale project, listing the four phases or pillars of the secret project. Before the transfer is completed in March next year. It will pass on personal data of 50 million or more patients in 21 states to Google. Among these documents are notes from a private meeting held by the facilitators involved in the Nightingale Program. There are serious concerns about how Google will use the patient’s personal health information to build new artificial intelligence and other tools. The prosecutor said that the security concerns raised at that meeting included concerns about the possible violation of federal HIPAA data privacy rules, and so far Google has not responded.

Google LLC has established smaller, similar partnerships with customers such as the Colorado Personalized Medicine Center. But in that case, all the data handed over to the search giant is encrypted, and the key is only reserved for medical purposes. Google efforts to become a leader in healthcare data and analytics is not the first time it’s in trouble. In 2017, UK regulators found that the Royal London Free Hospital transferred 1.6 million patient records to the company’s artificial intelligence division. The goal of Google’s parent company, Alphabet is to develop advanced Artificial Intelligent tools to help forecast health and advance treatment. Google recently announced plans to acquire Fitbit Inc. for US$ 2.1 billion to break into the wearables market and invest in digital healthcare.