Apple launches a new dedicated developer’s mobile app worldwide.

Apple is introducing a dedicated mobile app for its developer’s community today. The company has 23 million registered members of the developer’s community. Therefore the new app will be an expansion of an existing older WWDC app for apple’s worldwide conference. The older app was only for information about the developer’s events. Now the new app will have sources that are more relevant, like technical and design articles. Moreover, it will have the developer’s news updated and videos. Furthermore, developers can enroll in the events and maintain their membership in the app. Information on Apple’s developers was available worldwide via website and more. Now the new app will hold all the information of developers.

Apple has tried to include all the information on developer’s programs and videos in the new app. However, the developer’s website contains more details, like developer forums. The feature of connecting to the local developer program is not available on the app. Right now, the new app has more than 600 videos and technical information. However, Apple will gradually update the new app to add more features. The new app has four main sections. Firstly, the developer’s news and updates will be available under the discover section. The videos published under the WWDC app will be under the Videos section. Moreover, the WWDC section will be for event attendees. Also, there is an Account section to manage the account of developers.

The main goal of this new Apple’s app is to get relevant content in front of developers. Apple is planning to expand the app with more documentation of some untouched topics. Developers can still watch the older videos on the WWDC section and review the WWDC schedule. Moreover, developers can renew their developer’s membership via app by paying through apple pay. Apple Developer App version one will be out in the worldwide market today. However, the membership management programs are the only US-based for now. The new app will be available on iOS, including apple watch.