Air Pollution Is Toxic, Can Cause Memory Loss In Elderly Women

A new study has found out that old women who are exposed to high levels of air pollution are expected to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and memory loss. Scientists from the University of Southern California have said that toxic air results in the loss of brain cells in old women. There is a solid connection between PM2.5, a form of air pollution and dementia. PM2.5 air pollution is commonly formed through car exhaust and power plants. The study states that women in their 70s and 80s who breathe in higher levels of polluted air experience brain conditions like memory loss. On the other hand, women who breathe in cleaner air, they tend to be at the safer side. The research has been published in the Journal Brain.

The researchers have included data of 998 women in the age group of 73 to 87 in the study. These women have gone through two brain scans across five years span. The brain scans of these women have been analyzed based on their similarity to Alzheimer’s pattern through an AI system. This AI system has been trained by the brain scan of Alzheimer’s patients. Scientists have done a comparative study of the data against the location of the individual and environment data obtained from the locations to analyze their exposure to PM2.5 pollution. After doing a combined study, Researchers have witnessed a significant link between air pollution and memory loss. This is the first study where experts have presented a statistical model to associate air pollution with the changes in the brain, which can lead to dementia in elderly women.

Scientists have also claimed that factors like smoking, education, race, the difference in income, and the geographic region also contribute to memory loss in people.  As per the study, cumulative damage to the brain due to years of air pollution exposure can cause dementia in the early years of life. PM2.5 air pollution particles measure one-30th in the width of the human air, which makes it easy to inhale. It enters the bloodstream directly reaches the brain triggering inflammation and dementia.  Alzheimer’s is one of the biggest causes of deaths in the United States of India. There is no sure shot cure for the disease in medical science yet. Air pollution can cause many health conditions like lung diseases, cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, and amentia.